High-Speed Wi-Fi Is Up!

Daiv’s good friend Bryan Moritz kindly helped pick out a wireless router that will enable Hats Off Coffee customers to cruise the web with their wireless devices while keeping the internal network secure. Bryan is an IT genius, who spent some time tracking down the best router for the money. This Cisco ISA500 series router was half the price of the equivalent Dell SonicWall. It includes an extremely use-friendly setup wizard that made it possible for me to get the wireless up and running in a matter of minutes. Charter had previously installed their data cable and modem which is a 50 MBPS connection.


The Cisco ISA550W Router

This router will enable remote connection to the network via the built-in VPN utility. Thanks to the included setup wizard, I may be able to configure everything on my own. However, if needed, Bryan could remote in and configure the router from his home.

In any case, I’m certain that Long Prairie residents and travelers alike will put this WiFi connection to good use.

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