Robusta Cherry – India (1lb Bag)


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The cup: Coffee and woody flavors..

This Coffee is VERY different than the Arabica that we offer. If you have never had it, contact me and I can arrange a sample of it with your regular order before you commit to a whole pound.

Robusta Cherry is an export-grade based on process, which means that the coffee was fully dried as a Natural. Robusta is the most commonly known variety of the species Coffea canephora.

Robusta is a completely different species of coffee and by itself it is not bad. However, it is a very basic coffee flavor and does not have a lot of complexity. It also has double the caffeine as the other arabica coffees we offer. We offer a robusta/arabica blend, which combines the base flavor of robusta with the more intricate flavors of arabica.

The possibilities are endless. You can try robusta by itself or mix it in with other coffees for a one-of-a-kind coffee experience.

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Proc. Method



900-1600 MASL

Grind Options

Whole Bean, Ground


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